Cami Pesseroles

Camí Pesseroles is made from grapes which every year come from the three plots that we have along the old road, of the same name, leading from Gratallops to Torroja.
The soil of crumbled slate, being planted on the slope and the age of the vines (over 80 years old) grant the wine its own character year after year.
Carignan is a variety that resulted from the strategy implemented after the phylloxera epidemic to achieve higher production; more colour and stronger wine suitable for export at the beginning and middle of the last century.
Camí Pesseroles is an honest reflection of the historical difficulties of Priorat viticulture, of the rustic landscape and tenacity of its people.

  • TYPE: Red
  • VINTAGE: 2021
  • VARIETY: 60% Red Grenache and 40% Carignan
  • COUNTRY: Spain
  • APPELATION: Priorat
  • PRODUCER: Mas Martinet
  • UPC: 0 5149705296 6