Regueirón is the name of the vineyard from which this wine comes from.

It is in the village of Éntoma in Valdeorras, and is an exceptional vineyard, of grand cru quality.

The Godello grapes for Regueirón are planted on the terraces of our vineyard in the village of Entoma, where clay loam and slate soils predominate.

The vineyard is located in the southern area of the Valdeorras region which experiences earlier ripening while still giving the wines a strong Atlantic character with good acidity. Sustainable viticulture is carried out.

The grapes are hand harvested and selected into 15 kg crates, followed by fermentation in small oak and concrete vessels using the yeasts naturally present on the grape skins.

  • TYPE: White
  • VINTAGE: 2022
  • VARIETY: Godello
  • COUNTRY: Spain
  • APPELATION: Valdeorras
  • PRODUCER: Virgen del Galir
  • UPC: 0 5149705309 3