Val do Galir Mencía

Grapes used for Pagos del Galir Mencia are a selection from our vineyards in Entoma, Soutiño Novo y Valemioto. Soils in these high altitude vineyards with a 30% of inclination are mostly slate.

This wine has an intense color. Concentration of red fruits on the nose with highlights of blackcurrants. It evolves to spicy, fresh and balsamic aromas. In the mouth is balanced with intense tannins. Fresh, intense and balsamic.

  • TYPE: Red
  • VINTAGE: 2022
  • VARIETY: 100% Mencía
  • COUNTRY: Spain
  • APPELATION: Valdeorras
  • PRODUCER: Virgen del Galir
  • UPC: 0 5149703699 7