Rene Barbier has been included in these wine suggestions by South Florida Reporter to get you through the cold winter days.

The article «Wine and the weather» by MoreAboutWine says that It’s more than the outside temperature that drives our wine choices. Food, too, is a factor. Summer is spent sipping wine on the deck or pairing it with grilled chicken. But, a cold winter day is spent with a blazing fireplace and a pot of stew.

If you are restricted to your house at this time of the year, make some comfort food, like chili or soup, and enjoy the time indoors. If you’re in a warm climate,  crank up the air conditioning and pretend.

Would you like to know which wine pairs perfectly with this cold weather?

Here are some wine suggestions to get you through the cold winter days:

«This incredible wine made from garnacha grapes hails from La Figuera, a small village of only 70 inhabitants. Made by Rene Barbier (Clos Mogador) and his son Anderson, it is a juicy and lush wine with surprising grit and concentration. Red fruit flavors with a dash of vanilla, it is a full-bodied wine. Very impressive. The official appellation here is Montsant.»

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