What is Vegan Wine? An Essential Guide for Plant-Based Menu Planning published by Bloomberg.

A lot of wine hasn’t been touched directly by animal products, but that doesn’t mean it’s certifiably vegan. Here’s what you need to know.

You may be wondering how wines fit into a philosophy that opposes eating meat, dairy, and eggs and tries to avoid the exploitation of animals. It’s just fermented grape juice, right? Isn’t that automatically vegan? Well, not necessarily. Do you want to learn more about what is vegan wine? Read the entire article here.

Sparkling, white, rose even red wines are included in the list by Bloomberg.

Elin McCoy enlisted Cune Organic from CVNE winery (Spain) as one Vegan Wine you should taste including a pairing suggestion.

2019 CVNE Organic Rioja ($12) 
This new wine from an historic Spanish producer has bold fruit flavors and a mineral finish, ideal with a bean or lentil chili.

Learn more about CVNE here.