CVNE in FORBES: Focus on quality as well as place.

The writer Tom Mullen, Forbes contributor based in France, has published this week a large article about the meaning and success of a family owned winery like CVNE.

By his words we appreciate respect for the effort of 5 generations and commitment to show the reality of Rioja. It is an absolutely essential text to know the history of Rioja.

«All wines I tasted (tasting notes are included below) rank extremely high in quality. (It’s not surprising that Juan Carlos I, who reigned as King of Spain until 2004, personally buys a barrel of their wine each year, or that Wine Spectator Magazine ranked their Imperial Gran Reserva as wine of the year in 2013.) Additionally, their wines—overall—are of exceedingly good value.»

Read the article abot CVNE in Forbes here.

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